Recipe Jambalaya

Jambalaya originated in southern Louisiana by the Cajuns around the bayou where food was scarce, as opposed to the richer part of Louisiana. Jambalaya is soul food at its finest – hearty, satisfying, and deeply comforting. There are many variations of this Creole classic, but this sausage, shrimp, and chicken version is one of my […]

Recipe Delicious & Healthy Spinach Hummus

Hummus is easy to love. What’s even more to love are all the different variations of hummus. Spinach Hummus gives you the texture of a not too creamy hummus with a nice green flavor from the spinach. It’s very nutritious, it can be a snack, a meal, or just something to share, and it’s also […]

Ultimate Burger A.K.A. Cheeseburger in Paradise

Springtime is about getting outside and that also means the return to grilling season. It’s also a great time for grilling burgers with family and friends. It begins with good ingredients and proper preparation. Nothing wrong with purchasing already grounded chuck or pre-formed 1/4 lb. patties, just make sure you have Island Grill on hand. […]

Recipe Grilled Sweet Potato Fries

This is a great way to enjoy sweet potatoes that doesn’t require much work in the kitchen. Just three ingredients and you have a great vegetable side dish that plays well with almost everything. Cutting them into long narrow wedges speeds up the cooking time and you get 1-2 servings per potato. Recipe- Grilled Sweet […]

Yellowtail Filet

A good fish sandwich starts with a good filet of fish. The yellowtail snapper is an abundant species of snapper native to the Florida Keys and is highly prized for its light, flaky meat and is considered to be one of the best of the snapper family. Most anglers pursue yellowtail snapper during the warmer […]

Recipe Veggie Burgers- Going beyond beyond

Veggie burgers, unlike traditional burgers, are anything but meat and the ingredients can vary greatly. They can also be a bit of work and made from an array of ingredients. They do freeze well so if you are going to make them, why not make a batch. There are characteristics that great veggie burgers must […]

Recipe Seafood Sausage

Growing up it was easy to recognize the difference good sausage makes when incorporating into a dish. Mom would go to the Hispanic Grocer Johnny’s Market on SW Blvd. for chorizo when making her delicious chili and all the way to Scimeca’s Grocery on E 8th st. for Italian Sausage whenever it was time to […]

Boiled Peanuts

Found in season during the summer months and early fall, boiled peanuts are green or raw peanuts that are boiled in seasoned water for hours. Peanuts came to America from Africa sometime in the 1700’s on slave ships. During the civil war, soldiers had access to green peanuts out of the ground. Boiling them was […]