Lobster Fest

If you were to ask someone to tell you their favorite season of the year, your most common responses would be winter, spring, summer, or fall.
Being the Southernmost island in the continental United States, some people say Key West doesn’t have seasons like everywhere else.
You know they are right, we don’t instead we have things like Lobster Season, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year.
There are two Florida Lobster Seasons, the 2 day mini season and the 8 month regular lobster season. The mini lobster season is always the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July.
August 6th marks the beginning of the regular season and it runs until March 31st.
The start of Lobster Season in Key West means Lobster Fest.
That’s when lower Duval St is lined with vendors and restaurants with booths serving up the tasty crustaceans.
It’s also a time when people discover new ways to enjoy the seafood delicacy.
There’s lobster on stick, grilled or tempura. Lobster fitters and lobster bisque. Lobster benedicts and lobster tacos. Lobster Reubens and lobster empanadas. Lobster pizza and lobster enchilado. The list goes on and on, one can always discover a new spin for enjoying our spiny wonder.

And Yes, we really did make all these in our house. You can tell by the yellow table.

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Lobster & fries lobster n fries Lobster pizza lobster pizza Lobster empanadas Empanadas Lobster Egg Bennieslobster bennies

Lobster cavatappi-n-cheese  

Lobster carcasses for making lobster stock







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