Key Lime Seasoning – 16 OZ


Key Lime Seasoning in our 1 lb. bulk bag.
Our resealable bags are designed to keep your seasonings fresher longer.
The durable foil type bags will reduce exposure to sunlight and protect it’s contents from excess moisture and humidity.
Get almost 4 times as much Key Lime Seasoning as the jarred container for only twice the price.Key Lime Seasoning adds a tropical citrus flavor that can only come from Key West.
This seasoning adds Key Lime flavor to shrimp, pork, seafood, and chicken dishes. Excellent when used for rimming a Margarita glass.

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oysters 3Grilled Key Lime Garlic Oysters Parmesan

Oysters 3 per person as an appetizer
Key West Spice Company® Key Lime Seasoning, 1/8 t + pinch per oyster
Garlic Clove, cut into thin slices
Parmesan cheese, coarsely grated 1 T. per oyster
Feel free to garnish with or add chopped Italian parsley and hot sauce of choice.

Oyster Knife
Small Bowl
BBQ Grill, Gas or Charcoal

Preheat grill, for direct grilling over high heat
Using the oyster knife carefully shuck the oysters and place on tray.

In a small bowl the combine the coarsely grated parmesan and the Key Lime Seasoning (about 1 T of parmesan & 1/8 t Key Lime Seasoning per oyster)
Top each oyster with a pinch of Key Lime Seasoning, a thin slice of garlic and a T of the seasoned Parmesan.


Place prepared oysters on pre-heated grill.
Grill for about 5 minutes or until cheese has melted and begins to bubble then remove with tongs, garnish with chopped Italian parsley and your favorite hot sauce.
Enjoy while still warm from the grill.
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