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Spanish Cedar Cigar Box Gift Sets for the Holidays!

  Spanish Cedar Cigar Box Gift Set With a location of only 90 miles from Havana, the Cuban Independence War of 1868 and the resulting migration of cigar workers to the little island made Key West the cigar capital of the United States. In 1885 there was a major cigar worker’s strike which lasted for […]

Yellowtail Filet

A good fish sandwich starts with a good filet of fish. The yellowtail snapper is an abundant species of snapper native to the Florida Keys and is highly prized for its light, flaky meat and is considered to be one of the best of the snapper family. Most anglers pursue yellowtail snapper during the warmer […]

Cooking in Colors, Sharing the Love!

Cooking in colors, while Sharing the Love! Because every meal should be a celebration. Long before the new world was discovered. It was customary for people to don on special clothing and crate wonderful meals for sharing whenever gatherings would take place for ceremonies and special celebrations. Fortunately the excuses behind such gatherings have grown […]